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Summer Wedding Dos And Don’ts


A summer wedding is a wonderful idea. But having said this, you still need to take a few precautions – UV rays, the heat, and those insects, for outdoor venues. You have to do your

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Top Wedding Themes For Every Bride


Don’t just have an ordinary wedding. Go for a blast by selecting a theme close to your heart. There are plenty of great ideas for all couples. Discuss with your wedding planner, and select a

Top Wedding Themes For Every Bride 2018-06-12T08:03:11+00:00

How To Wear Silk In The Summer


The summer can be very hot at times. On some days, it’s impossible to beat the heat, even at the poolside. Thankfully there is silk. You won’t feel stuffy while you are stuck in the

How To Wear Silk In The Summer 2018-05-17T08:17:14+00:00

Summer Wedding Ideas


Summer is a great time to get married. There are so many awesome locations to choose from, beautiful flower options, and fun decoration ideas. Sit down with your would-be husband and think of your favorite

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Silk Outfit Ideas For The Summer


I love silk in the winter and even in the summer. Does it surprise you? But why not, after all, silk makes you look like a queen more than anything else. This is a light

Silk Outfit Ideas For The Summer 2018-05-17T07:50:28+00:00

Poplin Fabric


From suits to shirts to even bridal dresses, the poplin fabric seems to be gaining in popularity. It’s also a great choice for maxi dresses and a lot more. My friend got married a few

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Georgette Fabric


Georgette is a sheer and delicate fabric, crinkled, and lightweight that displays a bouncy look. It looks gorgeous and is the perfect choice for a fashionista who wants to make a style statement with her

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Wedding Day


You have surely been planning for the wedding day for months. But there will be some things, which just don’t go according to the plan, no matter how well you plan it. The food could

Wedding Day 2018-05-04T13:54:31+00:00

French Lace


Brides love a lace wedding dress, but very few know that it has a long history. In fact, some evidence points that the origin of lace can be traced back to ancient China and Egypt.

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Lace Wedding Gown


My friend got married the other day. It was a spectacular event, and she was looking so gorgeous in her bridal gown. Bridgette was undecided till the very last what to wear for her wedding

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Bridal Shower


Planning what to wear for the wedding? The main ceremony is of course the most important, but don’t forget the pre-wedding events. For instance, you will certainly want to look gorgeous at the bridal shower.

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Top Wedding Dresses


Rarely does anything look better than a dazzling wedding gown. Luckily, we have seen some really gorgeous dresses this year. Some of them have been very daring, while others look traditional in appearance, but strike

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Promise Ring


I am sure you know of the engagement ring and the wedding band. But have you heard of the promise ring? Actually, to be quite frank, I myself didn’t know about it, till the time

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Destination Wedding


The wedding gown, flowers, cake and everything else are certainly very important. But I believe, it is the venue that will provide the biggest style punch.

If you have always wanted to get married in a

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Silk Fashion Trends


Silk fabrics and silk lace fabrics are good to wear during the winter months. You can wear them at other times of the year as well, but they are most popular when the temperature takes

Silk Fashion Trends 2018-05-04T13:27:56+00:00