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Wedding Dress Guide


Once your plans for the wedding are already settled, one of the first organisational questions you face is the bridal dress design. That’s when you can delve into a joyful process of selecting the dress you

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Silk Satin


Without a doubt, silk satin is in top-5 most popular silk fabrics. What makes it particularly awesome, is a smooth and lustrous weave that caresses your skin and attracts the eye. Silk satin is a traditional

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Silk Fabric Manufacturers


At all times, silk fabrics for clothing have been renowned for their exclusive properties that couldn’t be completely substituted by any other organic or artificial cloth. Represented by numerous types of weave, silk offers lots of

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Lace Fabric Manufacturers


The production processes in the field of high fashion are traditionally associated with the latest developments in textile manufacturing technologies and the application of cutting edge machinery. However, when it comes to lace weaving, the stereotypes

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