Bridal Shower

Planning what to wear for the wedding? The main ceremony is of course the most important, but don’t forget the pre-wedding events. For instance, you will certainly want to look gorgeous at the bridal shower. It’s an opportunity to show off your style, and create expectations for the future. I mostly consider few things before picking the right outfit. You do not have to follow a rule book to dress up for a bridal shower. Rather keep it light and feminine. So, aim for wearing something graceful.

Plunge Neck Dress:

plunge neck dress

I am in awe at this moment. Just take a look at this brown satin wrap plunge neck dress, and I am sure you are going to love it too. I want to wear something like this to my close friend’s bridal shower. That plunge neck cut is looking lovely. It’s simple and elegant and does not appear too loud for a bridal shower ceremony. White pump shoes will be a great choice for this.

Consider the Venue:

bridal shower dress

I always try to dress according to the place where the function takes place. A bright short dress would be awesome if the venue is a little decked up and has got eye catchy decors. Ask your friend about the place before the event and plan accordingly. Red is always a good color. You can wear another bright color as well.

Avoid Being Over the Top:

floral dress

You could be the bride’s best friend, but remember the focus will be mainly on her. Hence, do not even think of going overboard with your outfit. Don’t opt for anything that is too revealing or short. Rather, choose something pretty and casual. A biscuit colored floral dress can be quite amazing to wear to a bridal shower.

Don’t Wear White:

bridal shower color

Save your white dress for some other occasion because it is quite obvious that the bride will get to wear something in white. Therefore, it’s better if you avoid this color on this day.

Lacy All the Way:

pink lace dress

I cannot discard laces from my mind when it comes to bridal showers. A pink geometric lace dress seems like a great option. Yes, you can wear other lace dresses too. I have actually worn one of these to a bridal shower once. And it felt like the perfect choice.

Midi Dress:

midi frill dress

A midi frilled dress is also on my list. I do not own something like this yet, but it’s in my radar. You can wear a full sleeve midi dress or even a midi frill pencil dress. Your dress can have a soft toned color or a bright solid color to capture the eyes.

Create a Fresh Look:

sleeves floral dress

It’s always fun to create exciting looks. This navy blue floral dress is not looking very bright but it looks very lively. I love its sleeves and the finishing of it, and this color is one of my favorites too.

The Stripe Dress:

striped dress

Multicolored stripes will always have my heart. This dress looks very similar to one in my collections, which I love. Minimal accessories and a proper stiletto will look ideal with this outfit. Keep your hair loose when you wear this.