Bridesmaid Dress Ideas That Are Sure To Turn Heads

Have you picked your wedding dress already? But what about the bridesmaids dresses? Finding great bridesmaid dresses is not always easy. These dresses are now becoming more and more fashionable and stylish. So they are very important too. At least, you should know the dresses they are planning to wear. And of course, the bridesmaids must also feel comfortable in them.

There is no rule about the color of these dresses. Just make sure that they go well with the overall theme of your wedding. Here are some fabulous bridesmaids dress ideas, I am sure that everyone is going to love. Do take a look.

White Bodycon Midi Dress

white bodycon midi dress

Traditionally, only the bride wears white, with the bridesmaids displaying another color. But increasingly, many brides are now sharing the color with their bridesmaids. It is a growing trend. Don’t worry, you can still distinguish the bride easily. The style of the bride’s dress makes the difference.

Navy Blue Long Dress

navy blue long dress

Navy blue is a classy, timeless color. Many bridesmaids often feel comfortable wearing a darker shade. Navy blue is perfect, as it has ample color in it, but is still a dark shade. And it will stand out too.

Elegant And Long White Dress

elegant and long white dress

Switching around the color can be a fun idea. Many brides are now willing to wear another color instead of white, particularly those who want to experiment and be different. If you are OK with it, then you can wear the traditional color of the bridesmaids, while they wear your color – white. This color scheme will make it a truly unique wedding. You can do anything. There are no rules.

Open Back Sequin Dress

open back sequin dress

Think of adding sparkle to your wedding. But brides may not want to wear something that is this sparkling. However, you can ask your bridesmaids to wear a gold-rose color sequin dress for the wedding. They will look good in it too.

Sequin Blush Dresses

sequin blush dress

Light pink is a blush color. Bridesmaid dresses in light colors look elegant and stylish. Plus, these dresses look good too in any wedding theme or venue. You can be sure that the sequins will shine brightly and add color to the occasion.

White Bouquet With Black Dress

white bouquet with black dress

Yes, light colors do look good. But some brides will go the opposite direction. They will select a darker color for the bridesmaid dresses to make sure that everyone knows instantly who the bride is. Just make sure to add white bouquets. The contrast will make it arty. Your guests will be drawn immediately to the flowers and the dresses. You can also have ivory flowers instead of white.

Red Bouquet With Black Lace Dress

red bouquet with black lace dress

Here is another color combination, which will also look very good. Your bridesmaids can wear black if you have a white and black theme. Black dresses will look mysterious and dark, particularly with red bouquets. Your occasion will also be more colorful because of such a combination.