What To Wear To A Country Wedding

Have you been invited to a ranch-themed or country wedding? It’s not always easy to choose the right dress. You must hit the right balance between casual and dressy. Yes, you don’t want to look overdressed, but you cannot also be too casual. So it can be quite tricky. Wedding guests will naturally want to look chic, and of course, comfort is always desirable. If you dress too much, they might think you are the bridesmaid. But you need to look good in those pictures.

Do take a look at these styles. I am sure you will get a few useful country wedding outfit ideas from here –

A Floral Mini Dress

floral mini dress

You are going to find this dress very apt, whether the wedding is happening in a sheltered barn or sitting on hay bales. It’s going to be a smart choice, but the floral mini will also make you feel comfortable. Choose a print with summer flowers on it for the warmer months.

Maxi Dress Outfit

maxi dress outfit

It’s not necessary to dress conservatively for a country wedding. So you can go for a hip look. You will look good in a short floral chiffon or maxi dress. The impact will be immediate. But remember to dress wisely as rolling lawns and barnyard floors can be challenging. There can be tripping hazards.


black jumpsuit outfit

Country weddings are casual affairs, but denim may still not be the best choice. A fitted jumpsuit, cute romper with lace-up gladiator sandals or heels and a clutch will be a better outfit for the occasion. Dressy casual is the way to go. Here’s a black lace dress you can try. Its embroidered, cutout details and triangle bodice, which is supported ably by skinny straps is sure to make you look stunning.

Summer Dress

summer dress

A flowy and light summer dress is also going to look good. You can go for boho or lace style, because they are western, but remember to accessorize correctly. Neutral and pastel shades are the most common. For the summer however, you can also consider plum and dark blue shades. They will look good in the country theme.

White Blouse With Denim Skirt

white blouse with denim skirt

Denim skirt with your crisp white blouse will always be a winning combination. Or you can wear a peasant style blouse as well. Wear boots to complete your look. For the boots, you can go for a western, vintage or weathered vibe for a classic feel. A western traditional boot having pointed toes is another option.

Tailored Jacket

tailored jacket

This will be the perfect cover up for times when the temperature drops. Throw the jacket over your dress if you have to stand outside for a long time. The right jacket will make you look like a country girl.

Cowboy Hats And Rhinestones

cowboy hat outfit

Guests, and even the bride and groom can wear a cowboy hat in a country wedding. And don’t forget the rhinestones too in a country wedding, even though it may sound a bit cliché. You will add glam and sparkle to your look instantly.