French Lace

Brides love a lace wedding dress, but very few know that it has a long history. In fact, some evidence points that the origin of lace can be traced back to ancient China and Egypt. It was only during the 15th century that lace began to be made in Europe, with Venice and Genoa in Italy being the prominent capitals. It was from these cities that the material spread throughout Europe, ushering in the golden age of this hand-made material. Holland, France, and Belgium provided lace makers of Italy the best linen.

french lace wedding dress

French lace, which is sometimes also called Chantilly lace, happened much later. The name comes from Chantilly, which is actually a city north of Paris where it was first made in the country. That was in the 17th century, but the lace truly became known a century later. The Duchesse de Longueville, an aristocrat and also a trendsetter in many ways established her lace making business at Chantilly, because it was so close to Paris.

The Types of French Lace

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Of course, French lace is a wider term. Chantilly lace is just one type of French lace you will find today. You can know more about the Chantilly lace fabric here. The other types are Lyon lace that is made in the city of Caudry in North France, Corded or Alencon lace, Guipure lace that was originally from Italy, embroidered lace, and cotton lace.

The Most Luxurious Lace In 2018

French lace and other luxury lace have been popular in the fashion industry for many years now, and 2018 is certainly no exception too. However, I believe, the trendiest lace fabric types at this time as in the fashion industry will include Chantilly lace, Guipure lace, Lyon lace, Corded lace, Embroidered lace, Cotton lace, and Silk lace.

At the Tissura store, you will find lace from some of the world’s most iconic manufacturers from Austria, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, and other countries, including brands like Riechers Maresot, Sophie Hallette, Marco Lagatolla, HOH, Jakob Schlaepfer, Forster Rohner, and Kawaii Lace that combines supreme quality and feminine charm in unique ways.

Why French Is Lace So Special?

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The fabric is made from a mesh of hexagons, where it is imbued for extra strength and a unique handle. It is very delicate, feminine, and tactile and has a sweeping drape, which is rare with other wedding fabrics. Naturally, French lace has become a favorite with the brides, and it’s very popular in the red carpets and the runways as well. You will often see the celebs wearing French lace and showing off their style.

It is available in a range of colors, designs, and patterns. But ivory, black, and white are the most popular. Apart from France and Italy, the best lace is now also made in Switzerland, Austria and Japan. Some of the top brands are Riechers Maresot, Sophie Hallette, Marco Lagatolla, HOH, Jakob Schlaepfer, Kawaii Lace, and Forster Rohner.

The Best French Lace – Solstiss Lace

The Solstiss lace making business is from France. Four different lace makers were brought under one brand in 1974 to form this company. And now, Solstiss is a name that stands out for some of the finest quality lace fabrics you can find, which includes delicate Chantilly lace for bridal gowns, decorated lace for evening dresses, and other materials. Now, the world’s most famous fashion houses and even the top celebs get their lace only from this business. For instance, Solstiss was entrusted to come up with lace patterns for the wedding gown of Kate Middleton. In 2011 Solstiss was declared a ‘Living Heritage Company’.

There are thousands of colors and lace designs of Solstiss. Two new collections of fashion lace fabrics are launched every year. The range includes Chantilly – the most delicate lace, Guipure lace – a heavy variety with textured elements, Bourdon or corded lace, Metallic lace in many attractive colors, and Embellished lace with sequins, scatterings, and beading.

Here are some romantic lace wedding gowns you will love –

Lace and Satin Dress

floor-length lace and satin wedding dress

This awesome floor-length, sleeveless, lace and satin wedding dress come with appliqué beading that makes it seriously attractive. The train is sweeping and extremely dramatic.

Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

off shoulder lace wedding gown

Here’s a sheer, sweet and off-shoulder wedding gown you are sure to fall in love with. You will also love the chapel train, scalloped hem, the lace skirt, and the embellished crystal band of this dress.

Flare Silhouette Wedding Gown

flare silhouette wedding gown

Once again, a lace over satin wedding gown to please everyone! I am pleased with how well its flare silhouette tapers off to the chapel-length train.

Lace and Tulle Gown

lace and tulle gown

The perfect bringing together of Italian tulle and French lace! The details are placed here to draw the eye in and elongate your look. The lace has been hand-clipped before placing on the tulle. The linear background detail behind the tulle gives the gown dimension and geometry.

Silk Lace

There is also silk lace, which is very luxurious, and gives a unique hand woven feel. You will recognize this instantly because of its unique texture and the ornate handwork look. Also, the silk lace fabric is much softer than most other lace types. The features are thanks to high-quality 100% silk. But remember, it may not always be easy to sew silk lace because the material is airy and delicate.