Georgette Fabric

Georgette is a sheer and delicate fabric, crinkled, and lightweight that displays a bouncy look. It looks gorgeous and is the perfect choice for a fashionista who wants to make a style statement with her outfit. A georgette dress can be a good blend between traditional and modernity and the dress can be just perfect for many occasions too. If you like a flowing dress, one that is lightweight, durable and good-looking, then georgette could be the right fabric for you. Georgette is also a popular choice as a wedding dress.

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It is very easy to dye georgette, so the material is convenient in every way, which is one reason why it has become so popular now. There are two forms of georgette – faux and pure. Pure georgette is woven from silk yarns. Faux georgette on the other hand is woven from polyester and rayon.

Georgette – Origin, History

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Georgette’s history goes back a long time. The fabric is named after Madame Georgette de la Plante who is credited for making the fabric so tender. That was in the 20th century. But it was available even before that, though in a different form.

Madame Georgette was a dressmaker from France, an innovative person, like so many other French fashion designers. She was well known for creating net finish in all her dresses and gowns.

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It is believed that the inspiration behind the making of georgette came from chiffon, which is somewhat similar. However, georgette is stronger, and is also a more durable fabric. The georgette material is sheer. You will find it in two textures – opaque and translucent. It usually gives a twisted or crushed feel, which most people appreciate as it brings out the physique figure very well.

How Is Georgette Made

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The georgette fabric was originally made from silk. Rayon blends arrived much later. To this day, silk georgette fabrics are regarded as the best. The modern day georgette fabric, however, is made mostly by using synthetic filaments. The use of crepe, like twist, is an important part in the making of the fabric. Georgette is made with crepe weave by alternating between two right hand ends with two left hand ends hard twist yarns.

Uses of Georgette

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Initially, georgette was used only for layering and trimming. However, with time, it began to be used in many other ways. Now, you will find it in scarves, dresses, blouses, and other sheer, flowy garments. There are now many sub-categories of georgette and various types of the material too, such as nylon georgette, jacquard georgette, silk georgette, viscose georgette, satin georgette, and polyester georgette.

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Many fashion designers prefer georgette over chiffon, though they both provide a flowing look. Georgette is also preferred by many designers to accessorize and adorn the designs as its nature is very absorbent. Veils, bows, waist belts, and strings are just a few examples. The fabric is also used for stockings and accessories for slips. Those who are slightly conservative also prefer georgette as the material is more opaque.