Lace Fabric Manufacturers

The production processes in the field of high fashion are traditionally associated with the latest developments in textile manufacturing technologies and the application of cutting edge machinery. However, when it comes to lace weaving, the stereotypes are getting quite dissolved. Did you know that the most iconic French and Italian lace producers are proud of using century-old looms? Or can you guess, how many looms are used by the only manufacturer of genuine Lyon lace? Let’s find out some amazing facts about lace creation by the prominent leaders of the industry.

Sophie Hallette. This prominent French lace manufacturer is regarded as one of major lace suppliers of prominent fashion houses by this day. Sophie Hallette is unique in the way it combines century-old production machinery with the present day fashion trends, constantly monitoring the highest quality of the product. Moreover, the company creates various types of lace, such as premium guipure lace, Chantilly, corded, cotton, and many others. The collection of exclusive laces by Sophie Hallette is also represented with a range of embroidered fabrics, featuring beads, crystals, feathers and sequins, all created to turn your outfit into the splendour of luxury.

Sophie Hallette lace fabrics

Riechers Marescot. The history of this premium lace manufacturer dates back to 1880, when the company has started producing exclusive lace on Leaver’s looms from Britain. In 1997, the company has been acquired by Sophie Hallette and currently laces by the two brands are produced on same facilities. Despite sometimes their classic design replicates each other, in fact, Riechers Marescot lace is generally regarded as more luxury and contemporary. The brand closely cooperates with European fashion designers, and its ultramodern fabrics regularly appear on famous catwalks.

Featuring lavish embroidery, couture fabrics by Riechers Marescot are the first choice for opulent bridal gowns and special occasion dresses.

Riechers Marescot lace fabric

Solstiss. The 19th century Leaver’s loom has brought success to another prominent French lace weaver, which is Solstiss. Founded in 1974, the company has become widely famous for impeccable quality of the fabrics created with the application of old machinery. The highest expertise, multitude of lace types and impressive designs deserved it the precious ‘Living Heritage Company’ title in 2011.

The French brand offers a large selection of Chantilly, corded, guipure, embroidered and cotton laces, as well as scalloped lace trims. Exclusive Solstiss lace fabrics are the perfect pick for wedding gowns and evening gowns.

Solstiss lace

HOH. In contrast with the previous three, this manufacturer represents an Austrian lace weaving school. Famous for its high-end embroidery, the brand applies its fine craftsmanship into lace weaving as well, embellishing lace fabrics with the glitter of sequins. Non-embroidered laces by HOH are no less remarkable – unlike traditional Chantilly laces by French brands, they amaze with different compositions of a floral motif. Backed up with cutting-edge technologies, lace fabrics by HOH enjoy a great popularity for evening dresses and other luxury outfits.

HOH lace fabric

Marco Lagattolla. Laces by this Italian lace manufacturer embody the 50 years of craftsmanship and company’s aspiration to applying innovative technologies in the production process. The brand has reworked the very concept of lace, coming up with new types of raw materials and approaches to design. Marco Lagatolla lace fabrics are about the fusion of a charmingly feminine look we all are accustomed to and the tenderness of silk – the fibre no one else is bold enough to use for lace.

Besides silk lace, the brand also produces luxury macrame and embroidered tulle lace, perfect as for couture evening dresses, as for accessories and lingerie.

Marco Lagattolla lace