Lace Wedding Gown

My friend got married the other day. It was a spectacular event, and she was looking so gorgeous in her bridal gown. Bridgette was undecided till the very last what to wear for her wedding – satin or tulle? Not idea, I know. You need to decide in advance and have the bridal dress ready, after all, you cannot take a chance with your gown. But everything worked out well in the end.

lace wedding dress

My personal favorite, though, isn’t tulle or satin, or even silk. It is lace. Bridal lace is so delicate and awesome. A timeless bridal fabric, lace is feminine and perfect for the wedding gown. It makes you look gorgeous always. It is sensual, full of mystery, airy, comfortable to wear, and romantic. You cannot go wrong ever with this material.

Bridal Lace – Good Always

lace wedding dress with sleeves

Further, a lace wedding dress is always good. You can wear it both in the summer or winter because of its layered yet light effect, to look modern or show the vintage feel, and with or without sleeves. Also, the detailing will give your bridal gown that extra bit of oomph, which everyone is going to love. It looks traditional, and yet modern.

Still not convinced? I have put together some stunning lace wedding dresses that will look great on any bride. Do please take a look and let me know what you think.

Vintage Lace Wedding Gown

vintage lace wedding gown

A lace wedding gown will give you a vintage elegance, which will make you look truly classy. You can also add pearl buttons and beaded straps to make it look even better. Add a beaded headpiece or embroidery, and you will look like a gorgeous bride from the 1920s – truly vintage.

Glitz and Glam

strapless bridal gown

Alternatively, you can wear a strapless lace wedding gown too where the sweetheart neckline has intricate beading, trickling down to your bodice and the mermaid skirt. This dress would be glamorous and glitzy, just like what the Hollywood celebs wear.

Lace to Make You Look Slim

lace fishtail bridal gown

If you are keen to wear something different, then go for this beautiful dress with a subtle fishtail and beaded bodice, which is accentuated to make it look slimming. And look at all that intricate work. Isn’t that stunning?

You can also have your wedding gown made with silk lace fabrics. Softer than lace, it will give a hand woven feel. The ornate handwork is sure to thrill all the guests.

Capped Sleeves Wedding Gown

capped sleeves wedding gown

Here is another lace bridal dress that looks like a vintage classic. Take a look at the beaded lace skirt and bodice. Its matching capped sleeves make the gown look even better. A real showstopper – this dress will look super cute on the big day. You can be absolutely sure of this.

Beaded Embroidered Wedding Dress

beaded embroidered wedding dress

This too is one of my favorite lace wedding gowns. I am sure you are going to fall in love with the beaded embroidery work that runs from the top to bottom, from its neckline to the hem of the train.