Wedding Outfit Ideas For Minimalistic Brides

In recent years, I am seeing the fashion world embrace minimalism big time. Look closely, and you will see this everywhere. You may notice this trend in the wedding industry as well. Many brides are now wearing outfits without any lace decorations, pearls and shiny gemstones, especially those who prefer a modern approach without excesses, and want clean cuts and neutral shades. Also, many brides now prefer to stay relaxed and comfortable, preferring modernism over traditions.

minimalistic bridal dress

Top Reasons For Choosing Minimalistic Dresses

1. Simple embellishments can also look more beautiful compared to elaborate decorations.
2. A simple design emphasizes the key features gracefully.
3. Straight cut and simple dress silhouettes accents attractive figures.
4. A dress in natural shape looks as good as a traditional bridal dress.
5. It is a good choice for confident ladies who want simplicity and elegance.

minimalist bridal gown

Minimalist Dressing Options

A-Line Dress

This is going to feel very feminine, though slightly retro. But the vintage style will work very well in the minimalist design for your bridal dress. Also, such dresses are going to look both modest and fun at the same time.

Sleeveless Maxi Dress

sleeveless maxi dress

What makes this dress timeless is its neckline and modest cut. I am sure that this fashion trend is not going to go away soon. It is going to stay for the next 5 years for sure, and may be even for the next 15 years. The style is universal too. A sleeveless plain maxi white dress will look like a classic.

Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

flutter sleeve maxi bridal dress

Here’s another maxi dress option for those who love the minimalistic style. Plus, this style will also provide a wonderful bohemian vibe. In this dress, you will just see details around your waist as decoration. Shape of your dress will make it shift to the maxi bottom gracefully. Thus, the details won’t decorate your dress. They will complete it. You can also pair this airy dress with casual footwear, such as Palmaira sandals that you can wear at the beach during the summer.

Asymmetrical Dress

Minimalist designs are not bland or boring contrary to what many may think. It is about getting rid of the excessive decorations to make sure that the important details stand out. With asymmetrical dresses, you are talking of the details, but they are slightly edgier. They are different to the usual dresses. Whether it is the lower or the upper cut, these are unique dresses for brides who want to stand out.

Halter Top Maxi Dress

halter neck maxi dress

Finally another maxi dress option for you! This is a great option for casual weddings. Such weddings have become very popular in recent times. The celebrations are cheerful without excesses. Brides who want a sweet and simple event may go for such dresses. As an added advantage, you can wear the dress on a right occasion even after the wedding.

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