Organza – Is This A Good Bridal Gown Fabric?

The organza fabric has been making waves in the fashion world in recent years. It is being used in many different unique ways. You will find the fabric in bridal wear too. In fact, it is now one of the most popular fabrics for bridal dresses. Organza’s future certainly looks secure, thanks to evening fashion and wedding fashion.

What Is The Organza Fabric

organza bridal dress

Organza is a plain weave, thin fabric that has been made from silk traditionally. In modern times, the fabric is woven with synthetic filament fibers like nylon or polyester. These fibers make the fabric more durable and the more practical option compared to silk. There is also silk organza, which is made by many mills that are located near the Yangtze River of China. In India, you will find a coarser variety of silk organza. Then there are better quality silk organza fabrics from Italy and France.

textured organza dress

The organza fabric is a popular choice in evening wear and bridal wear in many parts of the world. The interior industry also uses it for bedrooms. Double-width organza is used to make sheer curtains.

Different Types Of Organza

There are many types of organza fabrics, such as –

Crystal organza – Offers sparkle sheen and has crisp texture. It is very commonly available. Lightweight!

Mirror organza – Lightweight and sheer, providing a unique texture. The fabric is also very comfortable and durable.

Sparkled organza – Adds shimmer to any dress. It is used also in decorations like centerpieces, window scarves and table toppers.

silk organza bridal dress

Silk organza – This is the most expensive variety. But now it is being made from nylon and polyester to reduce the cost.

Embroidered organza – This is crystal or mirror organza featuring embroidery work on the material. There can be many types of sequins and patterns. Rhinestones are also added sometimes.

Organza In Bridal Wear

Organza is one of the 6 most popular fabrics used for making wedding gowns, the others being lace, satin, charmeuse, chiffon and tulle.

organza bridal gown

A lightweight, thin and see-through fabric, organza has a fine texture and provides sheen. Its shimmering quality catches and reflects light. It is thus often used for making veils and bridal dresses or as dress layers for prom and cocktail dresses. Many celebrities have got married in this fabric. The wedding skirt of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s sister, had 30 meters of white silk organza.

Brides can have their ball gowns made with organza by adding more layers. This will give the full shape. Princess or a-line wedding dresses come with a slimmer skirt. Designers sometimes use ruched or woven bridal organza on the bodice of the dress for styles where there is no defined waist line.

striped organza ball gown

Sheath organza dresses are slim. They hug the curves of the body. There is often an over layer of organza on looser sheath dresses. This softens the movements of the bride without adding volume. Brides can also wear tighter sheath dresses with an organza over layer floating over the tight dress foundation. This is a good way for the brides to show their attractive shapes without being too revealing.