Poplin Fabric

From suits to shirts to even bridal dresses, the poplin fabric seems to be gaining in popularity. It’s also a great choice for maxi dresses and a lot more. My friend got married a few months back, and quite frankly, I was quite surprised with her choice of the fabric for her wedding gown.

poplin floor length maxi dress

One expects a bride to usually choose from satin, chiffon, lace, and even organza or tulle. But she went with poplin. But I have to admit she looked a stunner on her big day. This can be a great fabric for the unconventional bride to wants to do things differently. It was kind of an eye-opener for me, so I decided immediately to write a post on the poplin fabric.

What Is Poplin?

silky poplin shirt

The poplin fabric was first created during the 15th century and it was made from silk originally. But in recent years, the material consists of a plain weave that is usually made from polyester blends and cotton. The polyester-cotton blend is more of a formal wear because of the fabric’s crispiness, while the pure cotton poplin is quite informal, and is thus good for relaxed wear.

Uses Of Poplin

striped poplin dress

The fabric is not just good for wedding dresses and other outfits for all occasions, there are actually many other options for you. You will be able to style the fabric in different ways as well. Poplin is a lightweight fabric that will help you stay cool, which is why it is a popular choice for summer dresses, morning gowns and blouses.

poplin floral dress

But you can wear a suit made of poplin as well. It is wrinkle resistant. Polyester blend and haute couture cotton poplin is wrinkle free. Suits made of cotton-blend poplin are usually more comfortable as compared to traditional suits. They allow greater motion than the stiff fabrics, which the suits are traditionally made of. A poplin suit can be a lightweight alternative for your everyday look. The fabric is also good for blazers and under jackets you can wear to formal occasions. Poplin suit and blazers are usually available in white, navy, tan, and olive colors.

Poplin Shirts

poplin shirt outfit

It’s also a great material for shirts. Poplin’s tightly woven and over-under weave pattern creates a soft, smooth, thin, and lightweight fabric that is perfect. The fabric will feel more luxurious if the thread count is higher.

vera wang poplin dress

You can wear a poplin shirt with denim and accessorize with a hat and sling bag. You are sure to find shirts, which are perfect for both formal and casual times. There are so many ways to style this look. Poplin is one fabric both men and women can wear with pride and look good in it. Many designers, including Vera Wang have created dresses with this fabric.

The fabric is also used for rich upholstery work. The best quality poplin fabrics come from British and Italian brands. Luigi Verga, Carnet, Cotonificio Albini and Leggiuno are all from Italy, while Liberty is a famous British brand.