5 Post Engagement Mistakes To Avoid

Congratulations for your engagement! You must surely be feeling on top of the world. Your life is about to change. There is so much to do now, as you will soon be planning for the wedding. Surely, there will be people giving you advice on what needs to be done. However, what you don’t hear that often is what you shouldn’t do. So let us discuss what you should avoid doing just after the engagement.

Don’t Begin To Call Everyone

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Give it a few moments before you start calling the closest people. Just sit back and take in this moment. Your man too, is likely to be going through a lot of emotions – stress, relief, happy and excited after months of thinking whether you will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He will surely also want to celebrate the moment with you, alone. So he will appreciate if there is no screaming best friend and mom beside. He doesn’t want just to be a part of the background.

Do Not Order Anything Or Announce The Date

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You don’t get everything you want in life. Nobody does. May be the venue you want is already booked. Sometimes, we have to select a new venue or date. It can take a few days, and even weeks because you are uncertain you will find a good place on the date you want. Sometimes you may have to make a backup plan. So you will feel and look a bit silly if you announce the wedding date and venue right now, and find out later that the venue is not available or that you have to change the date. Make the announcement only after you have fixed up everything.

Don’t Discuss The Wedding With Everyone

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Only discuss the wedding with your closest friends and relatives, and with those you are sure to invite. There will be heartbreak if you cannot invite some of them, and believe me, you cannot invite them all. There can be, after all, space constraint at the venue, and of course, there are always budget issues. So wait till the time you know who you are going to invite, before discussing.

Do Not Invite The Bridal Party

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Don’t ask the party to be there unless you are getting married next week. Select the people only when you have the date fixed, the venue, theme, and the time. There are people who are always difficult to please. Often, some people lose a friend or two while planning the wedding. Don’t make this happen to you. It is always best to be on the safe side.

Do Not Turn Into Bridezilla

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Many women will turn into quite a nightmare the moment they are in the bridal mood. I have seen this happen sometimes. Remember, the wedding is important, but of course, the marriage is always more important. Also remember, the other relationships are also extremely valuable. So relax, enjoy, and have fun.