Promise Ring

I am sure you know of the engagement ring and the wedding band. But have you heard of the promise ring? Actually, to be quite frank, I myself didn’t know about it, till the time “he” proposed to me with it. And I am not alone. Most of my girlfriends had no idea about a promise ring as well. So I started to read about this.

No, it’s not the same as an engagement ring, with just another name for it. Actually there are quite a few differences between the two. There is a beautiful meaning to the promise ring, and I was very overwhelmed when I learned about it. Now that I know the significance, I feel quite special.

Here’s what the promise ring stands for.

A Symbol of Deep Commitment:

promise ring

A promise ring certainly depicts commitment. This is a way of showing respect to your love by indicating that you will be with him forever. Giving this special ring to your boyfriend will be a heartwarming gesture. This shows the kind of place he holds in your heart.

Way of Promising to be Loyal:

what is a promise ring

You will never cheat on your partner if you are in love with him. Trust is definitely the most essential thing in a relationship and so is loyalty. Your partner might have full faith in you but a promise ring is a way to show that devotion. It’s something beyond beautiful I would say.

Connecting Hearts:

promise ring for couples

There is a reason why you should wear it on your ring finger – the vein of the ring finger directly runs to your heart. Did you know this? So it’s believed, there will be a strong connection between the two of you when you wear this ring. However, you can wear it on other fingers too. I am sure you will feel like the happiest woman when he slides the ring through your finger.

Gifted After Some Time of Dating:

promise ring meaning

A relationship gets stronger with almost every passing day. Yes, there is love at first sight, but that’s quite rare, in my opinion. Give him the promise ring after you two have been dating for a while – typically after a year. It’s a way to promise to be together, and tell him how your relationship has grown over time.

No Special Day Required:

how to give a promise ring

You can give it any day – no special day needed, like the anniversary of your first date, but frankly, that will make it even more special. You can also gift a promise ring on his birthday or the valentine day if you want.

Can be Given to Anyone:

promise ring finger

The promise ring is not just for your boyfriend. It is not like that. You can even gift it to your best friend or parents. This will be a great way show that you would stand by him or her. It’s so sweet! Isn’t it!

There is No Traditional Way of Proposing:

promise ring for men

I have seen people proposing by going down on their knees. This is what we call the traditional way of proposing. But you do not need to follow this while giving a promise ring. A dinner setup is enough.