Silk Fabric Manufacturers

At all times, silk fabrics for clothing have been renowned for their exclusive properties that couldn’t be completely substituted by any other organic or artificial cloth. Represented by numerous types of weave, silk offers lots of awesome features: chiffon is sheer and airy, satin is smooth and glossy, crepe offers a crisp texture and a dull sheen, while georgette is semi-transparent and slightly grainy, and there’re also jacquard, organza, taffeta… No matter which type of silk weave you choose, you can be sure it is strong, hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing, antistatic, cool on summer and warm on colder days. Are there any synthetic fibres that include all those properties at once? The answer is “no”, and hardly any will be created to compete natural silk in the near future.

Today, sericulture is dated by 5000-3000 BC, which makes this craft almost as ancient as pottery. Despite the European tradition of silk weaving is much younger (552 AC), it is Italian silk that is regarded iconic worldwide. Today, the vast majority of luxury silk fabrics comes from Italian, Swiss and French manufacturers, who, in turn, are favoured by the world’s leading fashion houses. Here essentially a question arises: what are the greatest European silk brands and what’s the secret of their success? Let’s find out.

Let’s get started with the most prolific one in terms of production volumes.

 Taroni. Founded in 1870 in the Italian province of Como, this brand has gained its high reputation of an official supplier of prominent fashion houses. What has made it that remarkable, is the priceless combination of the following factors:

  1. Cutting edge machinery that allows all kinds of industrial printing techniques.
  2. The production of all silk weave types.
  3. The extensive selection of various colourways and complicated prints, giving life to any designer ideas.
  4. The glorious manufacturing traditions so common for the Como silk manufacturing region.Taroni silk fabricsVisit Tissura to see Taroni fabrics at their best.

Frontline. This silk manufacturer from Switzerland is a prominent successor of more than 800-year-old Zurich silk weaving tradition. It is famous for its exclusive silk fabric designs and supreme quality, recognized by the leading international couturiers, fashion houses, as well as celebrities, such as Oliver Theyskens, Nina Ricci and Vivienne Westwood. The company is particularly proud of its ultimate craftmanship in silk dyeing: Frontline silks come in widest colour palette, and all the colours, just like prints, are perfectly resistant to fading.Frontline logo

Frontline produces a great variety of silk fabrics, each fashion season coming with the most demanded silk weaves. Check out some fabulous silk fabrics by this brand.

Carnet. This Italian brand from the province of Guanzate represents another region famous for its silk manufacturing tradition since the 15th century. Carnet silk production is defined by the highest attention to details, which makes this company highly recognized by the leading European fashion houses, as well as luxury ateliers and top garment makers from all over the world. The brand offers a large selection of printed and yard-dyed fabrics for any taste. It comes with various patterns, such as floral, polka dot, ornamental, geometric and animal, each season meeting the hottest trends.

Carnet fabrics logoEnjoy the exquisite silk designs by Carnet.

Belinac. This manufacturer from the French city of Saint-Étienne has been producing luxury silk fabrics for more than a century. The brand creates various types of silk, such as crepe, satin, chiffon, georgette, jacquard, taffeta, organza and linings. In terms of design, Belinac is mostly about solid fabrics, however, its degrade effect fabrics are widely renowned as well.

Belinac logoWith its widest range of colours and types of weave, silks by this brand is the designers’ first choice for creating the collections that amaze and inspire. Belinac silk fabrics are the epitome of luxury with a French vibe.

Luigi Verga. This is another Italian manufacturer coming from the Como province, whose expertise in silk weaving accounts for more than 70 years. Best quality silk materials, highest craftsmanship, outstanding machinery and ingenious designs account for this brand’s popularity among the most iconic fashion designers. Luigi Verga produces various silk types: chiffon, crepe de chine, matelasse, mikado, gazar georgette to mention any.

Luigi Verga logoLuigi Verga has always been striving to maintain the highest credibility of the label “Made in Italy”, pursuing utmost quality standards and constantly meeting the most demanded fashion trends. Luigi Verga silk fabrics at Tissura are represented in various collections to suit the wide range of looks you desire.

Henry Bertrand. When it comes to the history of silk fabric manufacturing in Europe, Great Britain has never gained a strong leadership in terms of production volumes, mainly because of an inappropriate climate. However, the history of Henry Bertrand, a London-based silk manufacturer with French roots, is a notable exception from the rule. With more than 130 years expertise, this brand is famous for a wide range of its silk fabrics, such as taffeta, poult and faille, crepe, twill, satin, ghazar, ombre and many others.Henry Bertrand

Ruffo Coli. This Italian brand from Fino Mornasco is renowned for its unique approach to fabric design and impeccable quality since the 1930s. Highest creativity, glorious traditions of quality backed up with latest machinery, as well as the presence in such deluxe segments as haute couture, prét-à-porter and bridal makes it highly demanded among the most refined fashionistas.Ruffo Coli logo

You can see some of the most luxury Ruffo Coli fabrics here.