Silk Fabric

Several years back, it was believed that only the super rich and the celebrities could afford to buy silk. This was luxury that was reserved for the choicest people because of its steep price. But that has changed now, thankfully. Many of us have silk outfits now, which includes me too, and I am really not that rich.

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Silk is one of the best fabrics you can find, so you should not have any second thoughts about it at all. You can wear your silk outfits in so many ways, both in the summer and winter, for casual and formal occasions, and both during the day and the evening. But you will still need to consider a few things when making the purchase. So do your research when buying.

What is Silk?

A natural protein fiber, some form of silk can be made into clothes. The fiber is composed mainly of fibroin and obtained from insect larvae. We get the best silk from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori cocoon, which is reared in captivity in a process called sericulture. Silk appears shimmering because of the fiber’s triangular prism-like structure. This is what refracts the light at many angles, producing different colors.

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Many insects produce silk, but usually the silk from moth caterpillars are used in textile making. Bees, ants, wasps, mayflies, thrips, silverfish, beetles, lacewings, leafhoppers, fleas, midges, and flies can also make silk. There are some arthropods that also produce silk, mostly different arachnids like spiders, for example.

The Types of Natural Silk

There are many types of silk, differing in the molecular level. In fact, it is believed that there could be as many as 50 types of silk fabrics, such as wild silk, pure silk, Silk Charmeuse, Mulberry silk, Chiffon Silk, Silk Dupioni, Silk Noil, Silk Organza, Crepe de Chine, Silk Gabardine, Habutai Silk, Silk Matka, and khadi silk among others.

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However, for commercial purposes, only 4 types of natural silk are produced. Mulberry silk takes the top position among them because this contributes up to 90% of the production. So silk usually refers to what we get from the mulberry silkworm.

Buying silk or your silk clothing is of course a different matter. So how do you do it? I have jotted down a few things you need to consider when buying raw silk for your clothing or silk outfits directly, whatever you decide.

To help you decide, I have jotted down a few things you need to consider when buying raw silk for your clothing or silk outfits directly, whatever you decide.

Weight of the Fabric:

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A garment made out of a heavy material may not always be that comfortable to wear. So the first thing to check is its weight, just to make sure that you can carry it easily. Silk, which has a weight of 22 momme, happens to be the best one. So, you should definitely search for this in the stores to get the best silk material. The finest silk out there should be sheer and delicate. It can also be both affordable and strong.

The Feel of Silk:

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Feel the silk before buying. Do check the texture of your fabric as well. You must also see if the look of the material is worth it or not. High quality silk is bound to be good. It should be extremely slippery. The color should be uniform as well. Do your shopping only at the best, most reputable stores. Read the descriptions carefully to find out whether it is a blend with any other material. And when checking physically, always stretch the material up to 20% to find out how it is reacting.

Check the Workmanship:

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Silk as a material gets a little difficult to sew at times, so superior workmanship may be required to get the right effect. Avoid silk at low prices. It could be a fake as the material does not come cheap. I personally am always carefully when making my buying decisions. There are so many suppliers out there who will claim anything to move their stock.

The Luster:

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An awesome silk is bound to sparkle when light falls on it. Check this out. Always buy your silk only after you have seen the shine on it. Wear it with pride, and glitter to impress. You will surely look good in it.

Choose the Best Weave:

best weave of silk

There is one final check remaining at this time. Go for the best weaved material always. Traditionally, narrow looms are used to come out with the best quality charmeuse. The fabric’s front side should have a satin finish, while the finish at the back side should look dull.

The World’s Best Silk Suppliers

China developed the world’s first silk. It was found at tombs in the neolithic site of Jiahu, which is in Henan and dates back to 8,500 years. However, in modern times, the best quality silk fabrics are made at factories in Europe that use high-tech equipment. The top silk suppliers include Belinac, Taroni, Jakob Schlaepfer, Ruffo Coli, Luigi Verga, Henry Bertrand, and Marco Lagattolla. You can buy silk fabrics from all these brands at the Tissura online store.

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You can buy silk blends, pure silk, and also printed silk cloths from these brands. The blends are made with lycra that offers stretch and elastane.

Silk Outfit Ideas You Can Consider

There are plenty of great ways of wearing silk. You can wear a silk pant for a casual tee or a silk gown for an evening party. There are sexy silk dresses that you can wear with stiletto sandals for a night out with friends. A silk crop-top with a midi skirt is also a great summer outfit. Wear the right accessories and you are ready to rock. Silk is such a great fabric that you can wear it both in the summer and the winter months.