Silk Fashion Trends

Silk fabrics and silk lace fabrics are good to wear during the winter months. You can wear them at other times of the year as well, but they are most popular when the temperature takes a dip. Silk outfits have always been well-liked, but this year, it is trending hot. Look around you. There are so many men and women wearing silk in so many ways. The designers too are showing off their work proudly. And why not, whether it’s a silk top or a dress, everything stitched out of the silk lace fabric looks stunning.

Here are some hot silk fashion trends from 2017 I am sure you will like.

Flare Pant and Palazzo:

silk flare pant and palazzo

Cotton palazzos are awesome but silk flare pants will always have my heart. It is not just comfortable but also looks gorgeous. I have a black silk palazzo which I pair up with almost everything. It looks the best with a formal shirt, which I wear to work at times. It’s a great idea to stock on different colored palazzos because you may need a lot of them.

The Oversized Blouse:

silk blouse

Loose comfy tops look extremely cool if paired with the right bottom. This yellow oversized silk blouse is ideal for a happy outing with friends. I like to wear something like this whenever I am feeling down and need to cheer up. You can wear this blouse with black denim, and even a classic blue. Add a long gold neckpiece.

The Olive Green Alluring Skirt:

maxi skirt outfit

I have decided to wear a black tank top with an olive green maxi skirt to my friend’s spinsters. I can wear junk jewelry with this outfit.

Wrap it Around:

black gown dress

I am extremely choosy when it comes to selecting the perfect outfit. This all-over designed black gown with hibiscus like flowers draws my attention. This can be the perfect wrap-around gown for the season.

The Dusty Pink Top:

silk top

I like the dusty pink color because it is subtle. The bell sleeves of this particular top is very attractive and even the design on the front is fascinating. You can wear this top with a cardigan or a jacket, and a pencil skirt. Add a scarf or hat and you will have all the protection you need from the cold.

The Slip Dress Look:

slip dress

I have seen so many girls wear a slip dress this fall, and feel it’s going to be a popular dress for the winter as well. You can try this bottle green slip dress. See how good it looks. Match your makeup with this outfit and carry the right accessories. You can wear this dress with black boots.

The Silk Slit Dress:

red spaghetti gown outfit

Be it slit skirts or dresses, the cut looks fabulous. This red spaghetti gown with a slit in the front is a great party outfit. The gold choker neckpiece is defining the look even more. High heeled sandals are a must with this.

The Classic Polka Dot:

polka dot dress

This amazing print will never get off my list. A black polka dot mid-length dress can surpass the look of many outfits. It’s graceful, comely and very pleasing. A simple black stiletto is all you need to strike the perfect pose. The print will also look nice in blue.

Here are some printed silk fabrics for sale you may want to look at. The luxurious silk fabrics you will find here are the world’s best from France, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

Types of Silk Used in Dresses

There are many types of silk with which dresses, such as skirts, blouses, and others are made, including crepe, chiffon, taffeta, georgette, jacquard, organza, and satin. They are all made of mulberry silk. But each one of them is distinct in the way the fabric looks and feels.


Its weight is 17-50 g/m 2. It looks and feels airy, soft, diaphanous, slippery, and is quite rough and has a soft sheen. Chiffon is good for blouses, dresses like wedding and ball gowns, skirts, scarves, and tunics.


Its weight is 90-200 g/m 2. The fabric looks and feels thin, opaque, and has a dramatic drape and pebbly surface. The cutting and sewing has to be precise. Crepe is good for skirts, blouses, wedding and ball gowns, and trousers.

Crepe De Chine

Its weight is 70-100 g/m 2. It looks and feels soft, but the fabric can wrinkle easily. This is also good for prom, ball, and wedding gowns. You can also prepare tunics, skirts, and blouses with this fabric.


Its weight is 40-70 g/m 2. It looks and feels very lightweight, sheer, but is not as lustrous as chiffon. The texture is a bit grainy. Georgette is woven of highly twisted yarns. The fabric is good for skirts, blouses, and wedding and ball gowns.


Its weight is 100-200 g/m 2. It looks and feels smooth, with a good sheen. The fabric is also durable, but is slightly stiff. Taffeta can, however, crease quite easily. It will repel water. Jackets, skirts, corsets, raincoats, blouses, and summer coats are often made of taffeta.


Its weight is 100-200 g/m 2. The finish of jacquard is smooth, and the fabric is both abrasion and stretch resistant. Your clothing will last for years as the fabric is extremely durable. Skirts, jackets, blouses, corsets, shirts, waistcoats, and trousers are often made with jacquard.


Its weight is 55-200 g/m. Satin is highly regarded for its drapability, anti-staticity, and excellent moisture absorption. It is very durable too. The shine of your fabric will last for several years. You can prepare blouses, skirts, trousers, and dresses with this fabric, including ball and wedding gowns.


Its weight is 22-50 g/m 2. Organza is sheer, thin, and shimmering. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, but the fabric can wrinkle easily. Organza is also stiff. You have to dry clean the fabric. Organza is best for skirts, blouses, and gown dresses.