Silk Satin

Without a doubt, silk satin is in top-5 most popular silk fabrics. What makes it particularly awesome, is a smooth and lustrous weave that caresses your skin and attracts the eye. Silk satin is a traditional option for evening or wedding dresses, and most of us are used to this purpose of silk satin for a long time. However, such a promising fabric is applied much wider than you could expect. If you love silk satin as much as I do, check out this selection of silk satin ideas below.

  1. Nightdress. This one is probably the least unexpected idea in our list, as taking into account the tenderest smooth surface and ability to create a body sweeping fit makes it both super cosy and charmingly seductive. Satin nightdresses are mostly solid, however, some also feature prints. Floor- or knee-long, with wide or narrow straps, this piece of clothing comes in various designs to meet any taste. However, whatever style you fancy, silk satin is definitely the way to go also in terms of the properties of this fabric: it is hygroscopic, hypoallergenic and good for your skin, making it smooth, velvety and elastic. It is intended to make the one-third of your day full of heavenly comfort and pleasure.Silk satin nightdress
  2. Scarf. Probably, for those in love with a sewing machine this idea is not that unique, but hey, how many of you have this thought when stumbled upon a fantastic fabric “Gosh, such a stunning print! Wish I had a scarf like that…”? It’s not a problem actually, as the variety of silk satin fabrics on the web is so great that even if you cannot find a ready-made scarf, you can create one yourself. Moreover, you can go truly unique by selecting a show-stopping fabric that no silk accessory retailer can offer. Silk satin scarf can be a perfect addition to your outfit not only as a neck decoration, but as a fancy garment attached to your wrist, head, handbag, hat, or belt. Just stay inspired and play with satin scarf
  1. Linings for coats and fur coats. Silk satin lining is an impressive choice to line coats and fur coats, as its smoothness and gloss add your clothing a splendid vibe of luxury both in the way it looks and feels. Moreover, this fabric is good at moisture absorption, is not subjected to static electricity and don’t inflict allergic reactions. Note, however, that silk satin is not that durable as viscose-based cupro.Silk lining for a coat
  1. Footwear. We don’t normally associate fabrics with footwear, do we? However, silk satin is one of the rare exceptions from this rule. This amazing fabric can elevate both ordinary evening and casual looks to the new level of style. Silk satin is typically a self-sufficient fabric, however, if you need decent high heel shoes to complement your monochromatic evening dress, go for the ones with satin bows and bead embroidery. For a classic example in contemporary high fashion, see Fenty x Puma Satin Bow Slides by Rihanna collection. Silk satin is also a popular option for exquisite ballet pointe shoes.
  1. Suit. Dresses, skirts, blouses, and, ok, linings and scarves made of silk satin are quite common. Which is totally untrue about suits, whether men’s or women’s. Such clothing can be considered rather offbeat, however, it all depends on the place and occasion. For those who are expected to be in the centre of everyone’s attention, a satin suit with a strong sheen can be very appropriate. However, if you are seeking a silk satin suit to be worn at office, you can still find the colourways that meet your corporate dress code. Such an option is a perfect balance between elegance and formal look. The silk satin suiting trends of the current season are represented in the collection of a Belgian designer Dries Van Noten.
  2. Buttons. Glossy and creating amazing shades, silk satin lends any outfit the magnificent vibe of luxury. Even if it just wraps buttons. A blouse, jacket or a coat embellished with silk satin buttons will draw everybody’s attention, magnifying with tenderness and satin buttons