How To Wear Silk In The Summer

The summer can be very hot at times. On some days, it’s impossible to beat the heat, even at the poolside. Thankfully there is silk. You won’t feel stuffy while you are stuck in the subway with the air conditioning broken down. This happens. No joke!

If you have ever lived in New York City where it can be hot in the summer, you will understand that it’s not always very cute weather. When the subway is packed, you are going to sweat like everyone else. There might be traffic in LA, but in NYC, it’s the subway that is going to take everything from you in the summer. But thanks to breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk, I can still live here. Just make sure your silk is polished and feminine, and pair it with structured pieces, and you will rule.

Relaxed And Casual Fit

silk summer outfit

I love to dress in the summer in draping skills. The natural material makes my skin breathe and keeps me comfortable. Silk is beautiful when worn fitted. In the summer, I like to keep it loose and relaxed, so I always wear a casual, relaxed fit.

Silk On Silk

silk on silk

Sometimes I love pairing silk on silk and even pattern on pattern. Silk is already very elegant, but by doing this, I feel I can make my dress look even more sophisticated than before. But what’s best is that, with silk, you can feel luxurious and elegant, and yet stay comfortable, more so in the summer months.

Different Ways Of Wearing Silk In The Summer

In the summer, it’s important to stay cool. Silk or faux silk is a must have when the temperature goes up. You can wear the fabric in many ways too.

white silk blouse with pencil skirt

A silk blouse is of course one of the most popular dresses. You can wear different colors, styles, and prints, and pair easily with distressed denim, cut-off shorts, or a printed midi-skirt. Here’s a white silk blouse that is a classic. You can wear this with a pencil skirt and add a lariat necklace with it.

cap sleeve blouse

You can also go just the opposite if you want. Wear a cap sleeve silk popover blouse. That’s one gorgeous way of wearing black during the summer months.

silk jumpsuit

Thanks to silk, you can stay breezy and easy in the summer. Here’s one of my favorite ways of wearing this fabric. You can wear a jumpsuit and stay super comfy in it. Pair it with your scarf to accentuate your look.

printed silk pant outfit

But I like nothing more than printed silk pants. To be frank it’s going to be difficult to squeeze into tight denim and stay in it when the temperature goes up. A floral pant will keep you cool, and make you look gorgeous. Plus, you can dress down or up easily as well. Match with a loose tee for the daytime look, and flats, and go for heels after sundown.

Silk is a great fabric for the summer. Yes, there are many ways of wearing it.