Summer Wedding Dos And Don’ts

A summer wedding is a wonderful idea. But having said this, you still need to take a few precautions – UV rays, the heat, and those insects, for outdoor venues. You have to do your bit to protect your guests from these elements. So here are some dos and don’ts to remember. I am sure you will find them useful when planning.

Provide Relief From The Heat

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Many guests will love the sun after the long winter in their places. But they are still likely to seek respite from it when it gets too hot. So make sure that there is some shade available, and also an indoor facility nearby with air-conditioning, a tent perhaps or a portable air-conditioning system where they can go to. Also, it’s a good idea to have an usher ready with ice-cold hand towels that can be given away easily. This should prevent overheating. You can also keep decorative ice buckets or baskets with cold water close to the site of the ceremony. Keep water close once the dancing has started. Make sure that there are adequate cold refreshments available.

Bug And Sun Protection

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Sunburn can make the bride “blush” more than she has to. So before getting dressed, always insist that the groom, bride, and all the other attendants apply sunscreen on the exposed skin. Consider wearing a foundation, moisturizer, or powder with SPF. Check for allergies before doing this as a precaution. Test it weeks in advance. You can ask for recommendations from someone who has married in the summer and even from a makeup artist. Keep sunblock wipes in a basket in the guest bathroom, and also bug sprays. Make them available also at the ceremony site.

Keep The Food Light

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The heat and heavy food is not a nice combination. So it’s best to keep the food light. Go for a seasonal menu with fresh and local produce. Grilled fruit skewers and gazpacho shooters will be tempting as appetizers. For the dessert, you can think of fruit pies or tarts. For frozen cocktails, choose from watermelon, cucumber or mint. These are popular summer flavors. Ice pops will also be good.

Announce In Advance

Many couples and families go on their annual vacations during the summer. So make sure to announce your wedding in advance so they can mark the date on their calendar and plan. It’s best to announce at least six months in advance.

Avoid The Midday

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Do not start the outdoor wedding midday. The sun will be at its strongest then. Your guests will naturally not feel like partying. Late afternoon or even an evening start will always be the better option. Best, schedule the dinner for sunset. The other events can be adjusted accordingly. This way, you will also get the best lighting for your photos.

Breathable Attire Is Best

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The summer can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable if you are not wearing the right fabric. Brides, go for a light and breathable fabric like silk. You can get exclusive silk fabric at the Tissura online store. Modern brides may opt for a shorter skirt as well. If you have to look traditional in a ball gown, then at least change into something lightweight or a cocktail dress for the dancing.

Here’s a guide to help you pick your summer wedding fabric.