Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is a great time to get married. There are so many awesome locations to choose from, beautiful flower options, and fun decoration ideas. Sit down with your would-be husband and think of your favorite summer memories. Jot down any idea that comes to your mind. You can always decide later. From the beach, to the summer camp, and even your own backyard, there are many places you can get the inspiration from.

Here are some summer wedding ideas to get you started.

Summer Wedding Location

outdoor summer wedding

It’s a great weather for outdoor weddings from May till August. So go outdoors, like a beach, for example, or may be a garden, and even a beautiful backyard can do very nicely. But make sure that there is enough cover in case the weather changes. Also ensure that there are different ways in which your guests can beat the heat. The wedding can be in the afternoon as the sun will stay up late.

Decorating A Summer Wedding

summer wedding decorations

Use fresh vegetables and fruits of the season for decorations. You can use lemons or clementines in the flower arrangements. Go for twinkle lights, strings of lanterns, and tiki torches so that there is a beautiful glow in the reception. This way, you can extend till the evening, and thus enjoy a glorious sunset. Use a gingham tablecloth around the reception to give it a picnic-theme vibe. You may also place sunflowers in metal watering cans as the summery centerpiece.

Summer Wedding Dress

summer wedding dress

Many wear a strapless or sleeveless dress. So shopping for the summer wedding is going to be easier. Brides should select a light fabric for a summer wedding, like chiffon, linen, georgette, crepe, or a lightweight silk. Wear a fabric that will breathe so that you don’t sweat in the heat or get overheated.

If it’s a beach wedding, then wear an elegant slip dress. It will be comfortable and versatile. And if you are getting married in a garden, then wear something that will make it easy for you to walk on the grass. Avoid dresses with a long train as it will surely get dirty. Bridesmaids can wear a floral cocktail dress with big straw hats. Men can wear classic navy blazer with slacks, and matching suits.

Tuxedos or traditional suits are all right for a summer wedding. But for the summer, go for a white dinner jacket instead of a black tuxedo jacket.

Summer Wedding Food

summer wedding food

Fill your menu with fresh fruits of the season like berries and watermelon, and vegetables like corn. Serve ice cream for dessert and barbecue for dinner. Fruit flavored sorbets in the dessert will cool down your guests. A traditional ice cream cone in fruity flavor will also do very well. A summer wedding menu can also include seafood, such as oysters and lobster. If you want to make it casual, then go for a potato salad, sandwiches, and a shrimp boil. But check the weather forecast before deciding the menu.