Fun Ways Of Including Velvet In The Wedding

Velvet has made a big comeback in recent years. We are now seeing the fabric everywhere in runways in the world’s fashion capitals, and sometimes even in the wedding industry. You can also include this opulent and luxurious fabric in your wedding. A full velvet wedding gown may not be a good idea if it’s not absolutely freezing in your place. The velvet bridesmaid dresses, for instance, can be sweltering if it’s not North Dakota in the peak of winter. But you can still include subtle dashes of classic elegance with velvet. Here are some ways of doing it.

Bow Ties

Forget velvet jacket, gown or the all-velvet tuxedo for your husband and his groomsmen. You can have the men folk wear bow ties. Just a dash of this classic fabric will make it look very good. A subtle way of including velvet in your wedding!

Bridal Shoes

velvet bridal shoes

Velvet ice-blue shoes can be a stunning option if you are looking for this color palette. It will be a unique addition. There is velvet everywhere now, in different styles, colors and sizes, so you should find this easily. The blue velvet bridal shoe will complement the velvet bow ties very nicely too.

Cake Flowers

Many brides like to include flowers that will match their bouquet for the wedding cake. You can select flowers made of velvet and place them around the cake. This will be a twist on an old classic in a trendy way. You can also include some of them into the bridal bouquet.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

red velvet flower cake

Why not go for a red velvet wedding cake? The classic cake flavor will look beautiful and it will be delicious. The cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Bridal Sash

If the all-velvet dress is not your style or if it’s too hot, then a velvet sash tied around tulle, lace or satin gown will be a classy and understated way of including the fabric. Go for an ivory sash that has sparkly details in the front. If you want some color, then select a velvet long sash in a wedding color. Read the details here on how to select the best lining fabric for your dress.


velvet loveseat

Try to include velvet in your wedding reception and you will make it look luxurious and expensive instantly. A vintage inspired velvet chair or loveseats will be a stylish and creative way of arranging the seating areas around a dance floor or around the cocktail areas.

Table Runner

A velvet table runner as an accent for flowers and centerpieces on the guest tables will look beautiful to the reception guests. You can also set the head table apart in this way. Add matching velvet seat cushions or napkin ties to make it even better.


velvet wedding guest book

Select a velvet guestbook to make the welcome table look sophisticated. Imagine how good this will look on the table.