Wedding Cars – Then And Now

Everything about the wedding has to be perfect – the dress, photography, food, table decorations, and even the car you hire to arrive at the venue. Actually, the arrival of the bride is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated moments of the wedding. It is a photo opportunity too. Most brides love to show up in style. So they will usually approach a wedding car hire company to get the elegance and grab all the attention on the big day. This is very natural.

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Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the wedding cars. The brides of today have a lot more options. So you can now choose exactly what you want, something which was not possible in the past.

The Wedding Cars Of Before

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Newlyweds would traditionally be transported in an open horse drawn carriage. This is not that common now, but this option is still available. To be honest, it looks very romantic, like a fairytale wedding. Royalties now sometimes use open carriages. Prince William and Kate Middleton left their ceremony in a traditional open carriage after their 2011 wedding. But Kate gave it a modern twist by arriving at the wedding ceremony in a limousine.

Vintage Cars

classic wedding cars

Many newlyweds will also choose vintage car models from the 20th century. There are many options too. For instance, there is the Beaufords open top tourer and the Rolls Royce from the 1930s, among others. These cars offer a timeless feel and are naturally still very popular with the brides and also the father of the bride. A refined classic and elegant car adds that special touch and makes it more memorable.

Modern Cars Are Popular Too

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But there are brides who choose just the opposite – modern but elegant cars. These automobiles certainly offer the oomph factor and make her feel more luxurious on the wedding day. There are many modern vehicles that can be hired. But some of them are more popular like Mercedes, Range Rovers, Limousines, and BMWs. They are the favorites. Countless brides are opting for these cars.

vw van wedding car

The possibilities are really endless today. You can even pick something that is completely extraordinary for your transport. Like, for example, a VW Van. You will certainly make a statement by arriving in this, and will end up adding a festive touch to the event. Then there are some wedding car hire businesses that will provide photo booths in their vans as well. This is a great idea for keeping your guests entertained. I have also seen a few brides hiring those Del Boys iconic yellow three wheeler van for their transport. They come complete with their own Trotter driver.

The possibilities are really endless for the modern day brides and their family and friends. So consider all the options you have, take a quote, and decide what will work best for you before picking your wedding day car transport. Check out the 10 best wedding cars here.