Top Tips For Managing The Guest List

There is no denying the fact – managing the guest list can be very tricky! If you know a lot of people, then you run the risk of the number going up fast, or you making a lot of people sad, or even angry. There will also be people who won’t reply right away, or won’t reply at all. So how do you do the headcount to finalize the guest list? This can become a big problem if you don’t have a plan.

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Here are few tips to help you manage the guest list better –

Focus On The Most Important People First

When you are preparing the initial guest list, always include the most important people in your list first. This includes your closest friends and relatives – people who matter the most. It is your wedding, so the two of you should be surrounded by people who mean the most to you.

Be Conservative In Your Approach

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Don’t include everyone you know, at least not in the initial list. The total number of guests will depend on the venue size and your budget. Also remember, you don’t want to cramp the venue, even if you can afford inviting everyone.

Divide The List

Two people are getting married, so there should be a balance in the guest list too. Decide on how many people you want, and then split the number between the bride’s and the groom’s family.

Mention The Number In The Invitation

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On the invitation, mention how many seats have been allotted. It will be even better if you can actually mention the names of those you are inviting. Also indicate if it’s going to be only for the adults, if you want guests not to bring their kids.

Inform Those Who Are Invited Early

Make sure to distribute the invitations early and remind them that they should confirm the names of people who are sure to attend. This will be a tedious process, but it is worth it. You can include another person if someone confirms that he or she cannot attend your wedding.

Contact A Month Before The Wedding

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Contact those who haven’t answered the RSVP yet a month prior to your wedding. If some don’t respond, then communicate once more a week later.

Prepare The Seating Plans

Draft the plans early. One good idea can be to group your guests into tens, or by the numbers of seats that you will be having in each table.

Prepare Alternative Plans If You Cannot Fit Everyone

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For some people, the family is simply too big. Sometimes, the parents will also feel compelled to invite people they know. Also, there are folks who are so social that they will have a lot of close friends. In such a situation, consider having a simple dinner. You can also have a second night at your home. It can be your after-party.

Go Online

In these modern times, responses are often quicker online. So go for an online RSVP service or depend on the social media. You can create a Facebook event where you can inform the guests about dress code, accommodations, directions, RSVP etc.