Top Wedding Themes For Every Bride

Don’t just have an ordinary wedding. Go for a blast by selecting a theme close to your heart. There are plenty of great ideas for all couples. Discuss with your wedding planner, and select a theme that is close to your heart. Choose something that will remind people of you. Perhaps a feeling, a destination, or even a special song! Here are a few theme ideas you can select from.

Vintage Wedding Theme

vintage wedding reception

Hang unusually shaped chandeliers from overhead trellis. Create a faux canopy. Go for wood chairs, covered, and with floral detailing. Lace is a must for the vintage theme. Wear a gown with a modern twist. Muted color with ivory, rose, grey, and gold will provide a soft look. For food and drinks, use vintage bottles wrapped with craft paper, a tier cake with the couple’s initials, an old-fashioned cake figurine, and French baguette for guest sittings.

Modern Wedding Theme

modern wedding theme

For this theme, you must have minimal design, geometric shapes, and clean lines. There is a lot of flexibility here. Add a modern twist to any wedding dress, and even for the venue decoration, like sleek seating, bold colors, and a cool structural backdrop. Cream balloons will further accentuate the look.

Bohemian Wedding Theme

bohemian wedding theme

You can bring a boho style to your wedding. Keep the decoration simple and elegant. Line the altar and aisle with oriental rugs, decorative pillows, or hang macramé decorations. It will be carefree, cool, and still very beautiful.

Rustic Wedding Theme

rustic wedding

Rustic wedding themes remain popular. You can decorate with mason jars, string lights, lace, twine, whether you are throwing a vineyard, country, or garden wedding. It can even be an intimate barn. Just remember three things – it should be a natural landscape, you must use wood in many ways, and include pieces that can be from your garden or home. You can use wine barrels for décor. Long bridal chiffon dresses in different natural hues will go well with this theme.

Art-Deco Wedding Theme

art-deco wedding theme

This is a timeless style, featuring the lavishness from the Great Gatsby-era, complete with ornate gold and sparkles, robust fonts, sharp lines, and geometric shapes. This will be the perfect combo of vintage allure and jazz-age glam.

Classic Romance Wedding Theme

classic wedding theme

This theme will look timeless even after 50 years. Line up the aisle with flowers, incorporate delicate lighting perhaps with hanging chandeliers, flower walls, calligraphy, and soft hues. For the dress, the groom can wear a classic black tux, while the bride will look good in a flare gown with crystal detailing. The bridal party can wear matching floor-length gowns. A gold or silver, or pink color scheme will add to the romantic effect.

Tropical Wedding Theme

tropical wedding centerpiece

You do not have to head to a beach location to pull off a stunning tropical-inspired wedding. The tropical vibe can be incorporated even in a metro-city nuptial. Just add plenty of plants like palm fronds, for instance, a signature beachy cocktail and laid-back décor. Aqua or green color scheme can make it perfect.