How To Select The Right Wedding Veil

Most girls dream of wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. But the dress won’t be perfect till you have the perfect accessory to go with it – the veil. There are so many types of veils available that you will always have something that will complement your dress and style for the big day.

The Different Types Of Wedding Veils

Juliet Cap

juliet cap wedding veil

Creative and elegant, this veil includes crochet, beading, and flowers. This mesh cap is brought together at the back of the head or on the side. You will decide the veil length and also the flourishing.

Birdcage Veil

This style looks good on both simplistic and vintage brides. You can have that traditional ‘unveiling’ moment with this, while avoiding a long headpiece.


blusher wedding veil

This is short and quite similar to the birdcage style. It will cover your face when you walk down the aisle. You can also include a blusher if it’s of a longer style, if that is you prefer the unveiling, but still prefer a picturesque veil for a wind moment.


This is a very popular wedding veil style. This isn’t too short or long. It will sit precisely where the name implies, at the end of your fingertips. Tulle fabric is a good choice for bridal veil. Read the bridal veil tulle guide here.


cathedral length wedding veil

The cathedral veil is the most royal and formal choice. It was the choice of Princess Diana. This style is sure to give you the ‘wow’ moment.

Full-Length Veil

A good choice for formal weddings, this style is sometimes called the ‘chapel veil’. It falls just beyond where your dress train ends, and just before where your cathedral veil extends. This is a very beautiful and elegant choice.

Selecting The Right Veil

The Dress – Always consider your dress, the train, your fit. Many bridal stores will match a veil with the style of your dress so that it does not disrupt the highlights and elegance of your dress. Try different styles with your dress to find one that is a perfect match and the theme of your wedding.

wedding veil

The Color – This is very important. First know the category of white for the dress. Your search begins from here. You can go for diamond white, champagne, ivory, and other more unique shades. Always bring along your dress while matching the veil.

Your Hairstyle – You will be able to narrow down your choice of veil after deciding the bridal hairstyle. For instance, you cannot wear a Juliet cap if you have an updo. Similarly, heavily adorned and cathedral length veils won’t be right if you keep your hair down. Bring the veil to your hair trials after deciding to ensure that it works well with your hair style perfectly on the wedding day.

wedding veil styles

Accessories – Considering a tiara? Think of a clip or floral crown. Then there is also heavy jewelry. You will have to consider these things when deciding the style and length of your veil. The cathedral, floor, and minimalist fingertip style will often work better.