How To Select The Right Wedding Venue

Selecting the wedding venue is an easy decision for many couples because they already have a favorite place in mind. It’s not so easy for the others. There are so many options to choose from that it can get quite overwhelming. There are gardens, hotels, restaurants, churches, and even exotic locations like stables. Yes, selecting the perfect wedding venue can often be a difficult task.

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Consider the following while deciding –

How Many Guests

You will need a place that can accommodate the number of guests you are inviting. You don’t want it to get cramped if you will be having a lot of people. Similarly, it can look too empty if you will be inviting only a few friends and the closest family. It may seem like most people did not turn up. So first find out how many people are likely to attend even before you go venue hunting.


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The wedding ceremony and reception should be close to each other, if you are thinking of two different sites. It could become very difficult for your guests otherwise. They should be easily accessible as well. It would be a good idea to select a venue close to the airport if many guests are arriving by flight. Also, make sure that accommodation is available in or near the venue.


Decide on a budget. This will help you shortlist potential sites. Only include those places you can afford to avoid heartache later. Remember, venues can cost a lot of money, especially the more popular and exotic ones.

The Wedding Date

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Many wedding venues are booked months in advance. So remember to check whether the venue is available on that date. Some venues provide an online calendar that will let you check the available dates. You can email or phone the others to find out the availability status. Of course, if you are flexible with the season and date, you will have a much wider choice. Consider scheduling the wedding in an off-peak time, such as November or February if you want a particular venue. The cost will be cheaper in those times and also in early December.

Theme, Style

Whether you want an informal or formal wedding should also influence your decision. Many brides now want a modern wedding, but there are those who will always go for a traditional affair. You will be able to narrow down the potential choices by deciding on your preferred style. A country house, barn, restaurant or small hotel could be a good choice for an informal wedding.


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Parking is always an important decider. Please make sure that there is a lot of parking space available at the place. It is best to give a map in the invitations so that your guests can know where they should park their cars. If you don’t have enough parking spaces, then at least inform your guests about the entry points to the parking lots, which are close.