Winter Wedding

Planning a wedding in the winter? Each season is special, including the winter. While many would-be-brides prefer the spring, there are others who will love to get married when there’s a definite chill in the air. There are plenty of great ways to make your winter wedding truly memorable and a lot more fun.

Brides who are looking for something different can just add a few small touches to make it fun for everyone. A winter wedding helps you save money on the décor, flowers, and even the venue because the venue will usually charge less than the summer or spring. You can spend a portion of this saved money on things like hot chocolate, snowy kisses, candles, a cocoa bar, pinecones and other creative ideas for the season.

Here are some wonderful winter wedding ideas to make it fun and enjoyable.



The mistletoe can be used in so many ways in the winter season. For instance, you can place many of them on the reception tables for your guests, or use them as the winter prop for the photos.



You can easily add colors with berries. You can place cranberries with candles. It is sure to look great. Plus, the berries are inexpensive as well.

Cotton Ball Bouquet

cotton ball bouquet

Natural cotton can be used creatively to decorate a winter wedding because its texture and look is very nice. You can use the cotton in center pieces, wreaths, and bouquets. Just think out-of-the-box for a creative way to use natural cotton.

Seasonal Tablescapes

seasonal tablescapes

Think of new ways of decorating the tables for the winter. Try to give them a festive feel as well. You can use pinecones, fir foliage, log slices, and cinnamon sticks to create the perfect wood ambiance. It is sure to look very attractive.

Pinecone Place Setting

pinecone place setting

Pinecones make very good winter decoration items. You can scatter them randomly everywhere and even use them as place settings. Don’t forget to include the name, of course. Pinecones will help you add a seasonal touch, and besides, they are cheap too.

Cake with Pinecones

cake with pinecones

You will certainly want to decorate the wedding cake a bit. Why not use gold-painted pinecones to give it a creative twist. It is a chic way to add some seasonal accents to your wedding cake. You can add berries too in the cake.



Add winter warmth in a unique way. Give away gloves as a wedding favor for your guests. They are sure to appreciate them and find them most useful during the cold season. Cozy knits will look amazing in an outdoor ceremony.

Winter Food

winter food for wedding

A grilled tomato and cheese soup will always be a perfect choice for a cold day. This will serve as a very good appetizer and will surely go down as very popular with the guests.

Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is extremely popular in the winter. You can serve on a stick, in a packet, and in so many other creative ways. You can also place a cocoa bar somewhere for the cocktail hour. Your guests will be grateful for your thoughtful inclusion.

Mini Champagne Bottles

mini champagne bottles

Add mini champagne bottles if you are getting married close to the New Year. Make them look more glam by coating your bottles in glitter.